Bloody Angel




Don’t worry, you are a blessed man

“Please… I beg you! Don’t kill me! I have got a kid and a wife”



“Well, tell me man, how old is your kid?” he asked with his brows getting serious.

“Three, she is three years old”

His eyes gleamed and his faced relaxed and ended up with a warm smile. “Man, you are so lucky”

“Yeah, I am” the poor guy was trying to lose his fear.

“It must be very pleasant to see her laugh her innocent laugh” he said looking up to the naked sky jewelled with the stars.

“You are a very happy and blessed man. And you know what?” he said putting down the knife which was placed on the Blessed man’s neck where the artery ran.

“Wha-What?” he asked, all confused and doubtful.

“You are a blessed man and one of his dear creations…and that makes it real fun to kill you. Hahahahaha!!! I’m gonna be snatching away the life of someone very dear to him! Man, Isn’t that beautiful?” he suddenly looked at him with eyes of surety and in them, the poor man saw coldness and a weird satisfaction of the man holding the knife.

It rose up as high as his arms could reach.


“Don’t worry, you are a blessed man” he pronounced.

The metal blade gained it’s velocity as it swung down with gravity, its cold edge gleamed in the flickering street lamp before tearing in through the man’s suit and shirt. Then it dived into the flesh slicing through the muscles, few veins and finally, it stopped as it got stuck somewhere between the first or the second upper left ribs and the collar bone. The blessed man’s clothes started to absorb blood.

“Whaaat! Gosh! I can’t believe that you are so blessed! Wooohooo! I couldn’t reach your lungs! Isn’t that a good news, my blessed man?”

The man groaned in pain. “You son of a bitch!”

“Hihihihihi… Okay, let’s be positive and try again”

The blade was pulled out straight, raised high, and jammed!

“Hah! Again? Dammit! Okay one more”

“One more”

“Oh yeah! One more”

“Oh I can feel the opening now… seems like if I strike again it’s gonna dive right through in, do you want it friend?”

The man was crying, blood splattering out of his left lower shoulder and his suit soaked in blood. Tears were over pouring out of his eyes and his face wrinkled with the endless pain.


“One here we go!” said the man with the knife and jammed it hard on the right.

“Okay two!”



“Oh these one is done too. What a shame! I thought that I could exercise my blade a little more”

“Just fuckin’ kill me for god sake!” he begged.

“Aww… god again? Man, you are making me wanna cry! Okay let’s get it done right away. And this time you are gonna die for sure, promise. But umm… do you have a nice pen?”

He searched him. “Oh here is one. But it’s one of those new plastic pen. Never mind I must have got one, let me check”

He shoved his hand into his pockets and looked for a while and then “Aha! Here it is, the classic parker frontier stainless steel ct fountain pen. Now, watch”


He held the bloodied knife with his right hand and the pen on his left with the cap opened. He raised both his arms like an animal about to hunt down its prey and stuck them deep into both of the opened wounds. He kept his promise. He made sure that the knife and the pen get to both of his lungs at once. More blood gushed out. And the main overwhelmed with the sudden pain that came like a humungous tide, wanted to scream out loud but as he was about to, his breath rested forever and he had to follow its lead.

“There you go my blessed man. God will be so happy to meet his blessed creation!”

***One month ago***

“I never thought that things are gonna turn out like this shit” as Henry Sebastian walked out of the job consultancy office. It was around five in the evening and he still had few coins in his pocket, yet he chose to walk. As he was walking through the blocks which never were free from pedestrian twenty four seven, he could see the sun settling down for the day like him.


“I’m sorry but we don’t have any jobs available for you. Good day”, the words kept ringing in his ears. He pulled out his earphones to shut them up with Guns and Roses but they weren’t working. He thought that at least he could call home to inform that he was on his way, and hear his wife’s voice but his phone was dead too like his deceased spirit.

His feet pressed on the sand. He kept walking in a pace. Then he stood facing the ocean in the West Downtown beach. The salty cold wind was washing off his sweats as if nature itself was showing pity to the distressed under qualified man.

Henry sat down where he stood with his eyes still fixed on the ocean. West Downtown beach was famous for its sunset. Even though it was a town swarming with huge and tall skyscrapers of corporate headquarters, showrooms and what not, there were always people at the beach every evening. The sight of the sun which looked like a perfectly round shaped orange candy going to take a deep into the Pacific was undeniably marvellous. But it wasn’t what Henry was looking at, but the endless stretch of the tireless waves motioning on its own rhythm. And why he was doing it? Well, he didn’t know. It wasn’t definitely an escape from his painful reality of poverty and unemployment.

The orange candy sank as it always does. Most of the people left like they always do, and Henry had to bid adieu to the sight of the endless Pacific as he knew his loving wife would be home waiting for him with something she would have managed with her monthly wage. He looked at his cheap and common wrist watch, it was too late to take a walk back home and his legs were too weary to walk anymore. He had to take the bus.

He knocked at the door and when it opened, his wife was standing there wearing a yellow frock and a big smile for her husband.

“Hey” she said. Her voice as if a pure and pleasant silver liquid washing off all his weariness, made him smile. “Hey, honey” he said as he his right hand went around her shoulder and pulled her close.

“Let’s get in first mister” she said. He smiled at her and they both walked in. He threw himself in the couch while she took his bag to his study room.

“Sweety, where did you go?”

“I’m coming honey, just hold on a second”

“A second is already over sweetheart”

“Okay…okay… I’m here. What happened?”

“Umm… should I take this off?” he said and lifted his hand to the knot of his tie. But then a sudden slap on the hand came out of nowhere.

“Stop! Why do you think I’m here for?” She said in a dominating tone. And then she climbed up and sat on his lap. Both of her hands came to his tie with her palms and fingers brushing over his chest. She leaned on close to his ears and whispered “The next time I find you daring to take it off on your own, I’m gonna choke you up with this tie”


“I’m dying to die in your hand sweetheart”



When we were 17


Stelina Winslet

Brown pupils with tempting eye lashes, a perfect sized nose, pure and soft lips with pink epidermis, whitish fair skin, light blond natural hair reaching the slim shoulder of her effortlessly toned body with curves just as much as required, she is a beauty. She doesn’t go to the gym like the high school cheerleaders do, and it’s not because she is too shy to face others. No, she isn’t that kind of girl. She is someone who loves yoga and does it every early morning without fail which is probably the reason why she has such an attractive shape. And oh yes, she is a vegan too!


Her POV:

I knew he was a player and yet, I fell for him.

Don Augusten, seventeen years old. With sharp eyes and bold attitude, he walked into the class room for the very first time in seventh grade. And in no time, he became the heartthrob of the entire high school. It took him just a couple of weeks to turn the class into his kingdom and the boys, his loyal men.

Every single morning, almost everyone greets him the moment he steps inside the classroom and he wave them back like he owns their attention with a little smile on his face. Yes, he is very charming. But he is neither good in studies and nor is there anything special about his sport skills. Don Augusten is not perfect.

I still remember not going to school for weeks due to some terrible illness and everyone had almost forgotten that I even exist. But who wouldn’t care if someone like Seignior Augusten doesn’t come to school, even if it is for one single day? Care? ‘Care’ would be too simple a word to describe their reaction. Worry, is more appropriate for the meaningless fuss that they create out of their affection for Augusten. I always wondered why everyone would give such massive attention to him anyway.

I hated his popularity to be honest. But at the same time I can’t also deny the fact that even I sometimes get swayed by his charm and gentlemanly manner. He does know how to make people fall weak with just his words and the silent language of his aura and yet, he doesn’t know what it is like to be fallen. And with the strong chiseled body that he possessed, his existence was too cruel a reality.

I, on the other hand, am a totally invisible seventeen years old girl. I have good hair but until the day Augusten walked in through the classroom door, I never even felt the need for them to be perfect. And I want you to know that I’m not a nerd. I mean, I do score good grades, and sometimes like really good. But I am neither a nerd nor one of those weak sensitive girls you see in movies about high school bullshit.

Well, it’s another thing that sometimes…or most of the times, I am vulnerable to other people’s words and hateful stares which is why I silently cry in the washroom all by myself. But I was just a normal high school girl who didn’t know much about the world and wanted to be safe all by herself.


13th November, 2016, San Francisco, 7 am. I stood still and couldn’t stop thinking about all the possible negative elements that existed in my life. I tried kicking it out of my head but in vain. It was there, crumbling all my positivity. Hell! I was so emotionally sick. Though the cold water was showering over my body, I could hardly feel the wet drops falling on my warm naked skin. Perhaps my consciousness was already frozen.

I turned off the shower after a while with my tired hands

I turned off the shower after a while with my tired hands. As I was getting ready for school, I knew that I was not going to go, yet, I kept following my routine. Hair tied in a perfect ponytail, a bit of lipstick as I was trying to kill my depression, my comfy top and a pant with a pair of snickers. I took my bag, smart phone and my ear plug. And I was not ready to go to school. My bag was hanging on my shoulder as I stood in front of the mirror looking at my hateful pathetic self. Then after making sure that my door was locked properly, I released the sling of my bag from my shoulder, and let myself fell on the bed. I kept staring at the ceiling with open blindness, released a heavy sigh and then closed my eyes.

“Hey, Stelina, hurry up or you’ll miss the bus!” cried my mom.

“I’m coming. I’m coming” I cried back through the wooden door with a fabricated tone of excitement.

“Why the hell did I come” I thought sitting by the closed window of the yellow bus.

I had no friends. I was just by myself with my white music earplug and a few favorites playing in loop from my cracked screen cell phone.

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IntangibleSense aka Hansen Ng. 

Your label in high school

High school is a period of life when you are defined or just let’s say labelled by
others and sometimes even the situation you are in. Yes, it’s a humungous thing
but how about we just sit down and focus on this part which is actually the point
that can trigger a nuke impact to every possible part of our life.
Geek, popular, dumbass, duff, gothic, playboy – these are just few words from
the long list that comprises the character definition dictionary of ourselves
during our disastrously amazing high school years. And unsurprisingly most of
us accept it, some with pride and rest with pain. Unsurprisingly, I said, because
we do actually kind of know or realize it as we go on day to day with the tag
that it is actually who we are- the dumbass guy, the fatty ugly girl, etcetera. It
can be arguably stated that it’s actually the label which make us turn into it. But
let’s face it, no one’s going to call dumbass to a hot buffed up guy with a nice
sense of humour unless he is hated by or has some kind of history. We can go
on and on with this debate that whether are we the reason of these labels or are
they just stamped on us just because people want to, either way at the end what
do we do with these tags? Some may say – “We hustle and change the tag”, “I
don’t give a shit about what they say”, “I’m okay with it”, “I actually like it”, “I
don’t want to talk about it” and like any other teenage list it goes on and on.
If you ask me,
“Wear your god damn tag in the most phenomenal way possible”
When I talk about wearing your tag, it definitely may not be any close to an
agreeable statement to those who are being called losers, dumbass, weirdo etc.
But hold on for a second, I don’t mean you to become a bigger loser, or a much
weirder weirdo, what I want you to do is to maintain your pace, realise what
you have and use it in the most phenomenal way. For example: a loser is
someone who has always failed in stuff again and again due to which the person
actually knows what does it take to go through, yet, he is supressed by the
judgement that he is a loser and subconsciously he decides no matter whatever
he knows, he will end up as a loser even though he applies his improved
ideology. But what if he wears the freaking tag and get through with it with an
attitude? Boom! Did a looser just become a winner? Hell yes! Take that! What a
phenomena! This may seem quite similar to “We hustle and change the tag” but
no it is not. Yes, this includes changing but you need not to sweat a bucket
when you become who you truly are. And dear, it is hard, it has always been.

Realize who you are, get through with it and do something phenomenal with
whatever you got.

In the end this whole article can be a complete crap shit, and all the other ones
that talks about the same subject because your character and your ideas are dad
something which can only be understood by you and it’s all about your own


I wanted to go to… I don’t know may be New York, LA or just somewhere with big platforms, and opportunities. I mean, I know that San Francisco is also a nice place but I ways wanted to go somewhere else and start something big. But I could never decide what I precisely wanted to do. There were so many teens starting their own companies, doing activities online, becoming famous, rich, or doing something incredible.

And I was there, just reading text books, finding the value of x, doing home works and sitting for exams

And I was there, just reading text books, finding the value of x, doing home works and sitting for exams. I was not doing anything extraordinary, no big idea, no huge financial capability, no possible great future, nothing. I felt so damn worthless as a human being living on this planet. I was fed up. I was depressed. And that god damn Don Augusten hadn’t showed up since the last couple of weeks. I mean, his absence is not the reason why I’m so upset with myself. Believe me, I have hundreds of reasons why I hate my life. It’s just that… I actually have no clue why did I even mentioned him in the mid of all these mess. What do I have to do with him anyway?

The bus came to a halt in front of the school building. As I stepped out, my feet were pressed against the fresh and soft green grasses. And I could smell the morning air, fresh and cool.

“A beautiful start of another messed up annoying day” I said to myself.

I was not having a nice face. Obviously I wasn’t smiling. Who wants to look like an over optimistic hyperactive dumbass early in the morning? Well, at least not me. It’s for certain, that I was not having a plain face. I must be frowning. But suddenly something caught my eyes and triggered my adrenaline gland to release its hormone. I wasn’t very nervous or excited but I had a strong desire to walk up to that black truck which was parked on the other end of the ground. The frown had disappeared like a soft puff of smoke vanishing in thin air and something else took its place. There was a smile on my face, involuntary to my senses, making me look like an over optimistic hyperactive dumbass early in the morning. But what could I do? I was subconsciously compelled.

 But what could I do? I was subconsciously compelled

I was blindly walking towards Don Augusten’s truck. Certainly, I was not going to talk to him. Not after the incident that happened back in fourth grade. He had written me a love letter and I trying to be a good girl took it straight to the principal who gave him a day’s detention followed a parent’s call the very next day. So, seriously, I won’t be walking up to him and talk even in my wildest dream. For some crazy uncertainty all I wanted to do was just walk pass, ignoring him like an age restriction warning on the internet.

Well, I had crossed more than half the distance when I noticed the door of the truck got open and someone stepped out of it. I couldn’t see the face as the vehicle was parked facing the other side. It was someone dressed in black, someone with a tall figure.

“Holy Shit! He is turning back!” my adrenaline got fired up like a space rocket. I kept walking faster and faster, and BANG!

Something hit me hard on my head. Like a big rock, or was it seriously one? I must have fallen on the ground as I can remember feeling the dew soaked grasses on the bare skin of the left side of my face. Things were all blank white. All I could hear was a very disturbing high pitch echo almost tearing through my eardrum. Damn! It was painful! I hardly understood a single thing that was going on.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was at the infirmary with an ice pack on my head and cotton on my nose.

“Oh, you are up. How are you feeling now?” asked the nurse.

“Ahh… I’m okay. My head… It kinda hurts” I replied.

“You were hit by a soccer ball on the right side of your head and you were bleeding through your nose. Augusten rushed you here at the right time otherwise things could have gotten serious. But don’t worry, you’ll be fine now”

“Don!” and that was the only thing that I could pronounce at that moment. My breath was choked and my brain was blocked. It felt like a strong magnetic wave was dancing within my nerves and disintegrating my senses bit by bit like a malicious virus. And my heart beat like a funeral drum marching towards the grave. Yes, I was fine.

“He is waiting outside. He missed a class for you”


I replied her in silence. She knew that I had to go but she didn’t expect me to stand up at once and try to walk out of the door. I lost my balance and was falling face down on the white marble. But suddenly, I didn’t go any further. There was a hard grip on my right hand. I stayed suspended in mid-air for a couple of seconds and after a sudden forceful pull, I was standing. I was okay but… when I had a better look around, to my utter shock I found myself standing right in front of Don Augusten!

I reached just above his chest. He was wearing a black formal shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of lightly fitted black formal trousers completed with a pair of polished black derby lace up shoes. We were hardly a couple of inches apart from each other. My delicate nostrils were pleasantly intoxicated by his hard cologne and the air mixed with his sweat which was still fresh and visible through his bared naked skin just below his sculpted neck. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just stood there frozen up. For some reason, my heart didn’t want to move away from where I was. It didn’t want to break the intangible connection which was developing completely out of my consciousness. I had convinced myself that all I could do was nothing. In a way, I wanted it to last long.

“Please, watch your step young lady” was what I heard in a husky manly tone in Don’s British accent. He released his grip from my right hand and he asked:

“May I?”

I just nodded slightly.

“Thank you” he said.

And then I realised that I just gave him the permission to hold my shoulder and help me walk up to the classroom! I felt like… To be honest, I truly don’t know how I shall put that sensation or feeling into words. But whatever it was, it was terrifyingly pleasant and was for the very first time that I felt it. On that day, Don Augusten became the first guy to ever hold me.

Though we were walking as one with his hand on my shoulder and another on my arms, I could not believe that it was not delusional. But I was not in a proper position to speak. My nerves were too involuntary for such a complex function to be carried out.

As we were about to walk pass the washroom, I gathered all my strength and pointed towards it like a pampered little girl who haven’t yet learned to speak. He understood me.

“Be careful” he said.

“Mmm…” that’s all I could reply. I went inside the washroom and splashed cold water on my face over the sink and looked at the wide mirror.

“So, this is really happening. I’m walking with Don Augusten. Stelina Winslet, you are so dead” I whispered to myself inside the girl’s washroom. I couldn’t imagine what could possible happen because what that was already happening had exceeded the stratosphere of my imagination. I couldn’t think of anything else. I walked towards the door. I knew I would be helpless the moment I step out.

“Please, let him be gone” a part me of wished while another me was dying out of waiting for his touch.

I put my right hand on the iron lock holder, took a deep breath and pull it open. No one was there.

“Well, he is gone” I took another deep breath but not as heavy as the one I took before. I was somehow relieved but also kind of upset with the fact that he didn’t wait for me. But then again, why Don Augusten would wait for some girl like me?

“Shall, we?”

My eyes froze inside its sockets and so was my neck including everything that passes through it when the familiar captivating voice vibrated through my eardrum. I turned my entire body on the left side of the corridor. He was there reading the notice board with his hands in his trousers’ pockets. He wasn’t even faced towards my direction when he had pronounced those words. What a jerk!

“Yes” I said.

No sooner did I complete my answer, he turned around, and walked straight up to me with his eyes fixed on mine. He took my right hand and said, “Come on, the second period has already started”

“Oh, then we must hurry!” I said, preparing myself if the unpredictable gentleman would ask me to run by any chance.

“No, it’s okay. I will take care of it. We can just walk” he replied with a tone of ease.

“Okay” I answered in a rather doubtful tone.

What the hell did he mean by saying that he would take care of it? I wanted an explanation. But the son of a gun didn’t give a damn to my doubtful gaze. I just walked along with him. Although he was holding my hand, his hands were no more on my shoulder. I was actually missing it.

"So, are you feeling any better?" he asked as we were walking at a pace

“So, are you feeling any better?” he asked as we were walking at a pace.

“Yeah, I’m okay” I replied. But then something seemed to be missing. I just remember that this jerk has a gentleman’s demeanour and it’s not very polite to answer such question without a thank you at the end.

“Thank you” I added after an awkward gap since my last words. I felt stupid.

“Welcome” and that’s all he somewhat whispered in reply which I found to be not very much likely of a gentleman.

“May I please come in ma’am?” was what I heard out of nowhere just beside my ear and suddenly we were in front of our classroom.

“Oh Mr. Augusten! You are late. Come on in!” replied Miss Sophia.

On that moment, I understood what he meant by “I will take care of it”. Miss Sophia was one of the female teachers with whom Don would usually play around with his sugary yet, elegant words and appreciate them of their wonderful teaching method and their pretty dresses, flattering them to the uttermost. And he would do this whenever he liked and they would flash back a smile at him and answer in such a nice way as if they’re trying to please him back.

She was our English teacher, must be in her late twenties, with long black hair, and hazel eyes behind her narrow and thin glasses. She was wearing a formal white shirt with a sky blue fitted skirt reaching just below her knees and a pair of black shoes.

“Thank you Miss! And I must say that you’re looking somewhat more beautiful today!”

“Oh, thank you Augusten! You never fail to appreciate people, do you?” She replied with a smile almost showing her teeth.

See? I told you. Don Augusten knows how to pull the strings.

And that bitch didn’t even care to look at me. I felt like a completely invisible useless piece of crap placed beside the most precious and treasured gem. I chose to walk away to the last row to stay just by myself. But as my hand was slipping away of him palm and fingers, he suddenly tightened his grip on it. I turned back. He looked right into my eyes and said –

“Stelina, may I sit with you?”

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The Caste System of Indian Education

Science – Upper Class, Commerce – Middle Class, and Humanity or Arts – Lower Class, or Third Class! This is is our Indian Education System believed to be genuine enough to prepare us, the upcoming generation, to build a developed nation.

“Where knowledge is free,
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls”

It’s an extract from the poem “Where the mind is without fear” penned by one of the greatest Indian scholars Rabindranath Thakur.

He was lucky enough to be home schooled. Though he didn’t get the joy of hearing the recess bell, and attacking his classmates’ lunchbox like a tie wearing uncivilised barbarian, I’m certain that he must have got the satisfaction and pleasure of learning what he wanted to learn. He had wrote this poem more than half a century ago dreaming for a better tomorrow when our fore fathers were struggling with sweat and blood for the so called freedom and independence which we have today. Well, let’s see if his dream has come true after all these years.

“Where the knowledge is free”

Definitely, yes! It’s so free that admit cards are not issued to students who fail to pay their fees before the annual examination in our so called “Public Schools”.

“Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls”

Well, yeah. That’s correct. I mean, I don’t know much about the word but as about our nation, we aren’t broken by any narrow domestic walls. We are just brutally ripped apart by our insensible world class education system. So, I guess, his dreams did come true. A better India with better knowledge.

While we were trying so hard to break the caste barrier among our vast population, I guess, we failed to prevent the birth of a bigger one in the system of our very own Indian education.

But our education boards and the related government authorities aren’t just the only ones to blamed. Our dear society has contributed a huge amount of its brain wrecking ideas and labours to build up these walls which we the students, feel so overjoyed to have today. We are so blessed that if it wasn’t for these walls, the girl who wanted to dance wouldn’t be losing her interest in studies by taking Commerce, the group of friends who once wanted to build a business empire together wouldn’t be scattered as some of their parents want them to go for the mainstream, the boy who once wrote so many beautiful poems wouldn’t be torturing himself with organic chemistry, and we wouldn’t be getting richer every year with our students’ suicide rate.

And thus, we the students couldn’t be more thankful towards all of you for forcing us into suffocating tunnels of education and dividing us by mercilessly tearing away our life’s purpose in various different possible ways.

Why can’t all the streams possess the same vitality?
Science is important for development
But so is Commerce and Arts. They don’t exist in vanity!
O you knowledgeable society
When will you have this mentality?
We live on a nation over pouring with engineers and doctors
Imagine the same with business tycoons and scholars
And also imagine them existing with equality!
Let’s bring such a day to the grasp of possibility
And unlike, all the pages of history,
I believe, we shall witness a marvelous Renaissance in today’s tangible reality.

How to be Popular in Highschool?

Popularity” is the gem which most students desire to have in their school life. For them, their grades aren’t as important as their popularity. And believe me, there are certain people who wouldn’t think twice to go beyond any extent just to be popular. But even if they do, it doesn’t end there, they would strive until they become the most popular student in the entire school. I know such people exist because I was one myself! I went for the House Captain, and didn’t stop striving until I became the School Captain and the Best English Debater for almost my last three consecutive years of high school. And what I’m going to share with you aren’t just some theories which I made up for the sake of my blog, but are the basic elements which I filtered out of my messed up my highschool life experiences. Here are some basic steps which you must follow to become “Popular“-

1. You will become popular if you want to, which I’m very sure that you do because you won’t be be reading this blog otherwise. Just having that desire in you is the key itself to unlock the most astounding potentials which you have inside. So, never ever let the flame die.

2. Think about all the things that can happen if you become popular. The changes, happiness, surprises, think about all the possible consequences that will increase your urge even more. For example, think about the attention you will get from all those students when you step inside your classroom, pretty girls and dashing guys craving to be with you, and once you start doing it, the flow of paradise thoughts will never end.

3. Now that you have thought so much, I believe, you aren’t feeling like stepping back, are you? NO! And why would you? You will become popular and have all the heavenly greatness and joy by dominated their hearts with your charm! Imagine that you already are popular and believe it! Sounds too easy, huh? Hell, it is! If you can believe it, you are halfway there.

4. Look at yourself carefully, in and out. What do you think that you can do to make yourself better? May be a haircut, little bit of shaving, better skin care, workout, learn to smile better, improve the way you talk or walk? Holy Crap! It’s a hell lot of things to do, right? But you also know it very well that it’s worth it. Well, there’s nothing to rush though. Go for it one at time. Remember, you are trying to carve a masterpiece out of yourself, and it won’t happen on a single day.

5. Build some confidence! Time to scrap the shaky nerves. Your confidence is going to be the foundation of your upcoming personality, and you definitely don’t want your desires to get shattered down to pieces just because of your weak confidence, do you?

6. What’s the best thing about you? It can be anything. May be some quality or skills or knowledge that you have. For me, it’s my writing and speaking skills. But I wasn’t the best. There were people who were much better than me. The only difference between those talented students and me was that I was the only one crazy enough to believe that I can out do them. And I did! Every popular person has a unique element in their personality that makes them to outshine the rest.

7. You have all the necessary basic gears now. Imagine your popularity, be your better self, wear your confidence, ride on the best thing that you have, and freaking jump on to the field!

Walk with confidence and pride. Talk politely to people, but most importantly listen and try to understand then. Help your mates, and participate even if you aren’t good at the particular trait. Don’t hesitate to seek their help. It will help you build a healthy relationship with them. Keep socialising, laugh and smile. I know, you think that serious look is better but believe me, no thing’s more brighter than your smile. Try to excel at whatever you are doing. Create so much loving and caring vibes around you that you will be the first person who comes to their mind in their hours of need and happiness. But at the same time having an elegant attitude makes you a ninja. They won’t be able to help themselves but come to you. Keep doing it and build the empire of your popularity brick by brick.

These were the most basic points which you must keep in mind if you are ambitious enough to desire popularity. If you want to know more, I will continue writing about it.

Thank you.